Character Creation

Information for character creation


You are responsible for determining how your characters know each other, came to meet, and what shared history they might have. You are also responsible for why they would want to stick together. *
  • * Characters should really have the potential to become heroes. This seems vague and obvious, but just make sure the background doesn’t make your character seem like they just aren’t “hero material”.

  • Characters should have at least one major weakness or failing, emotionally, mentally, physically, whatever. Not crippling, and not a stat drain, but something from their background that is a weakness rather than a strength, and something big enough to really come into play once in a while.
  • Your characters must have grown up in or around the city.
  • * You can tell us about the section/area of the city your character grew up in. It isn’t that well mapped yet, so we will work in whatever background you’d like your section to have. Within reason of course. Please see the page on the city for an idea of how it is set up though.

Character Creation

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